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Foundation Purpose

The Hardesty Family Foundation operates as a general-purpose private foundation, providing support for a diverse range of programs and projects in the Tulsa area. Capital campaigns are the major focus of the Foundation.  

The Foundation places significant emphasis on various areas, including arts, animal welfare, workforce development, civic projects, mental health, addiction recovery, wellness, and court reform. Identifying projects that align with the Board’s interests and adhering to their giving guidelines, happens through an invitation-only process.

If a project captures the Board’s attention, they may request a letter of intent before extending an invitation to apply.


Applicants are by invitation only.

You will be notified by email if selected for the grant cycle.

The Foundation seeks organizations that have substantial community backing and does not consider funding for start-up ventures. The allocation of available funds is subject to periodic adjustments set by the priorities of the Directors. Broad community support is a key factor for a grant request to have a higher likelihood of approval. 

Applicants are by invitation only

You will be notified by email if you are selected for a grant cycle.

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August 6, 2024 is the next scheduled Board Meeting.

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