One of our unique and signature programs is yoga & mindfulness meditation.

We take pride in providing training and support to local yoga teachers, particularly in trauma-informed practices, addiction recovery, adaptive, and geriatric yoga.

Mental health matters to us.

Mental health holds significant importance to us because we firmly believe in a holistic and well-rounded approach to address the complexities of multidimensional lives. We actively engage in funding and collaborating with like-minded groups and agencies that share our vision of tackling issues such as mental disorders and addictions, which can disrupt productive and meaningful lives. Our efforts span across various areas, including peer support, advocating for court system changes, providing therapy, promoting yoga, workforce development, and housing initiatives. Additionally, we seek out innovative programs that have proven successful in other communities.

Addressing the underlying challenges of mental health and addiction is crucial to resolving other interconnected issues like domestic violence, prison overcrowding, and homelessness. We are committed to making a positive impact and finding comprehensive solutions to uplift individuals and communities towards healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Since 2016 we have provided over $266,000 in funds for yoga, giving out 62 grants to Tulsa area agencies.


If an agency already has an existing yoga program and is at the point to expand or has specific needs for additional props or training, the agency can contact HFF to discuss in more detail.


For teachers to be eligible for training, the teacher must work or volunteer at one of our partnering agencies. Grants will be given directly to the agency to select individuals for specific training.

Training Provided

2024 Lauree Dash – Mindful Self Compassion, Somatics & Sound Bath Teacher Retreat

2024 Ravi Singh

2023 Sundara Yoga Therapy Training

2023 Parkside Yoga Training Video Series

2021 Dave Smith Mindfulness E.A.S.T: Emotional Awareness Skills Training

2020 Ravi Singh

2019 Rolf Gates Yoga & Mediation Teacher Training 

2017 45 Hour Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Teacher Training by Genevieve Yellin Water and Earth 25

2016 Trauma Informed Yoga by Lauren Haug 

2016 S.O.A.R. Success Over Addiction and Relapse 20 by Kyczy Hawk